Leek and Halibut Coconut Soup

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Happy Spring Equinox! We did it!

I’m empathetic for my Midwestern and East Coast friends. It’s been super nice here the whole time. I mean, it got chilly at night, but you guys are still digging yourselves out over there. I feel for you. I remember the suffocating sensation of multiple layers and bulky coats just to feel like you’re not in danger of losing a limb to frostbite.

The blossoms form on the trees here in February and that pleasant floral teasing manages to penetrate the somewhat dank general effervescence of  LA. On my daily walks I’m overcome with an onrush of smells like garbage and urine, but also nicer smells like varieties of exotic foods sneaking from local restaurants, and lately, spring blossoms blushing on the fingertips of trees along our busy roads.

Here’s a soup to celebrate spring: a time for those of you buried in snow to resurrect and for those of us buried in city to be refreshed.  [Read more…]

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