Red Onion Pole Bean Soup

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When we were kids, Mom helped us build a pole bean tepee. It was constructed using ten foot wooden poles with little notches on each end. “Laundry poles”, we casually referred to them in my family because we used them to prop up the clotheslines we hung our laundry on in the back yard.

I’ve always assumed my familial colloquialisms like “laundry poles” or “pole beans” makes up the majority of American kid’s consciousness, but probably not. The awareness of these things is probably reserved for certain types of kids, particularly those growing up in Ohio.

Anyway, laundry poles or any variety of poles, these vibrant green beans grow crawling up the length of them with their viney arms and legs. The crispness and bright flavor of freshly snapped pole beans takes me right back there, sitting Indian-style in my laundry pole fort, grasping and snacking in the summer grass.

To most people, they’re green beans, string beans or snap beans. I love spring and summer when they’re in season. Here’s a great spring soup featuring my beloved pole beans.
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