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First things first – every body is different. One person’s idea of “healthy” can vary drastically from the next.

But what makes sense to me is that the closer you get to real, whole, fresh foods the better. I thrive on a diet of mostly green vegetables with modest amounts of eggs, meat (mostly poultry and fish) and some starchy vegetables. I have starchy legumes and gluten-free grains sparingly.


I dabble in paleo and vegetarian a few nights a week, and avoid refined sugar completely. When I use sweetener, I usually use stevia. But if you follow my recipes and your body can tolerate other natual sweetners like honey and maple syrup, obviously use whatever you like best. I’d still recommend staying away from refined sugar.

I am not a nutritionist or a medical professional of any kind. I do research nutrition as a hobby and try to eat according to the discoveries I make. The human body is a fascinating machine and I love tending to its fullest potential.

I love to read, write, learn and eat. So this platform is a way for me share what I’m learning with you (it’s an ongoing process) and help you with new easy ideas for delicious and easy food. I also like to share general enriching life insights and musings from time to time.


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